Sunday, September 5, 2010

Some information & release of "Lite" version

First there's a few things I have to set straight:

  1. I have received a few confused emails asking what IMAP or SMTP is. I won't go into detail here but simply speaking these are messaging/email protocols used by email clients. If you wonder what the respective in KeitaiMail mean and what to put into the entry fields... you have to find these settings for your email account! If you want to use KeitaiMail with Gmail you first have to enable IMAP in your Gmail settings and then in KeitaiMail enter the data you can find here. If KeitaiMail fails to connect to your email account try using only the part before @ as your username.
  2. As with any other email client you will have to supply a password. There's no way around it. The only servers your account data is transmitted are the email servers you specify in the account settings. So... I am not stealing your account data ;)
  3. KeitaiMail is not intended for reading/sending SMS text messages from/to the iPhone. At this point I have no intention to develop an app for that. This has two reasons: a) I don't own an iPhone and cannot find out the yet undocumented encoding the iPhone uses for these SMS. It might be compatible/equal to the encodings I already have in my app but it might as well not be; b) The SMS content provider in Android is not really part of the Android SDK. It is there and can be accessed but it's not designed for general purpose access (e.g. might differ across future Android versions etc.). If it become part of a future Android SDK version I might consider writing such an app.

Today I released the free ad-supported Lite version of KeitaiMail. It lacks the following features of the full version:

  • Copy & paste from emails
  • Viewing emoji descriptions (for now only in Japanese)
  • Custom emoji/icon sets.
Other than that it's "fully" functional regarding sending/receiving emails, i.e. it's not a sandbox like the first "Lite" version I released.

KeitaiMail Lite on Market

I hope you are able to set the application up and test it without issues. As usual contact me any time if you have questions or if you run into problems. I might just take a little longer to answer from tomorrow since I'll be quite busy during the next few weeks.

The "Lite" version is only intended for countries in which paid applications are not offered yet.